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Welcome – An introduction

Welcome – An introduction

Your Host – Chef Paul

Welcome to the World of Food!  My name is Paul and I have been a food addict (AKA a foodie) ever since I started eating.  Unfortunately I never went to chef school and aside from a high school cooking class and some wine appreciation courses in college I have never been formally trained.  I did, however, have an Encyclopedia of Cooking printed in 1800’s when I was a child and treated my family to many unique dishes that never made them sick.

In any event, food is my passion and along with my wife, we are going to make every attempt to entertain, inform and bedazzle you with all the options available when you think of food.  Some of the areas we think you will find interesting are our Biographies on Famous Chefs – some are well known, others not so much.  Individual recipes by category type.  Food Days of the Month AKA Daily Food Celebrations, which includes fun facts and recipes.   Gifts of Food, including cheesecakes, cookies and gift baskets among other goodies, and Cooking Accessories which includes Pots and Pan to Spices.  These are all outlined above and we hope you come back often as we update and add new items to the site daily.

Please note we use affiliates and receive a nominal commission when items are purchased.

Enjoy our website and by all means leave us your comments, criticisms and recommendations.


 To steal a phrase Bon appetit’.