Gift Baskets for Wine Enthusiasts

Gift Baskets for Wine Enthusiasts

Paul May 28, 2019

Nothing says you care more than a gift basket, however, when you include the recipients favorite adult beverage, you have a gift that will be remembered for a lifetime.


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Classic White Wine Gift Basket

  • $69.99


For the wine lover in your life, this delightful wine gift will be impossible to resist! Inside this basket, they’ll discover a fresh Italian Pinot Grigio that’s paired with an assortment of delectable gourmet snacks and decadent treats. Complete with handcrafted smoked summer sausage, smooth Wisconsin cheese, and light artisan crackers, this generous gift is perfect for any occasion.


Country Wine Basket

  • $49.99

One of our most popular gifts, this exquisite arrangement is guaranteed to impress! United inside an elegant wooden crate is a refreshing and well-balanced Chardonnay, which we’ve paired with a variety of delicious gourmet treats. Complete with a ultra sharp cheese, artisan crackers, and premium sausage, this stunning arrangement makes the perfect wine gift at any time.


Wine and Cheese Gift Basket – Red

  • $69.99


Some things are just better together. That’s why, when we decided to create this gift, we knew there was only one thing we could include with a delectable summer sausage and smooth Wisconsin cheese: an exceptional Italian red wine blend. Perfect for just about any occasion, this exquisite crate boasts all the best tastes expertly paired together, resulting in a stunning arrangement they’re sure to love!

Silver Oak & Cakebread – Red Wine Gift Basket

  • $349.99

Recognized all over the world for consistent complexity, Silver Oak and Cakebread Cellars make an elegant gift for any occasion. Inside our premium gift, your recipient will discover two of the winery’s distinctive Cabernet Sauvignons that are surrounded by an assortment of tempting gourmet foods. Complete with handcrafted garlic sausage, spicy Jalapeño cheese, and hearty wheat crackers, this stunning arrangement makes a captivating gift that’s guaranteed to impress.


Premier Selections Wine Gift Basket

  • $124.99

Boasting a harmonious selection of coveted wines and gourmet foods, this elegant wine gift is guaranteed to impress. Inside this beautifully designed basket, your recipient will discover a fruit-driven Pinot Noir and an irresistible White Bordeaux, which are surrounded by a carefully chosen selection of tempting treats and classic snacks. Complete with chocolate-filled European-style wafers, gourmet wafer rolls, smooth jalapeño speckled cheese, and artisan crackers, this sophisticated arrangement makes the perfect gift at any occasion.


Wine Party Picnic Gift Crate

  • $99.99

This generous arrangement elegantly completes any celebration or get-together. Inside a handcrafted wooden crate, your recipient will discover a dense, complex Menica Roble and a crisp, golden-hued Chardonnay, which are surrounded by an assortment of classic gourmet treats. Boasting crisp butter toffee peanuts, premium gourmet cheese, and a handcrafted garlic sausage, this harmonious arrangement is the perfect complement to any occasion.



Red Wine Duo & Chocolate Suitcase

  • $189.99

Impressing your recipient is easy to do with this elegant and sophisticated gift. Inside an handsome vegan leather suitcase, they’ll discover a well-balanced Cabernet Sauvignon and a velvety Pinot Noir surrounded by a carefully chosen collection of tempting chocolate treats. Boasting decadent handmade French truffles, milk chocolate covered sea salt caramels, and chocolate covered cherries, this generous arrangement makes an exquisite gift selection for any occasion.



Red Wine & Dark Chocolate Gift Basket

  • $89.99 to $169.99

Sophisticated and elegant, this exquisite arrangement is guaranteed to impress no matter the occasion! Inside a faux leather handled basket, your recipient will discover your choice of one of three coveted red wines amongst a collection of decadent chocolate treats. Complete with Belgian chocolate truffles, chocolate filled wafers, and chocolate covered caramels, this stunning arrangement makes a gift that’s impossible to resist.


Wine Gift Crate Duo

  • $79.99

Your recipient will be delighted to receive this breathtaking vintage-style wood gift crate carrying case. The olive branch silhouette on the crate front is so pretty you won’t need to wrap this gift! Inside, the yin/yang white and red wines are sure to please multiple recipients complimented by the distinctive flavors of kettle cooked peanuts and buttery sweet dark chocolate toffee. Perfect for a summer picnics, sunsets on the beach or secure travel to your next housewarming party!

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