These 27 Rice Bowl Recipes Are Our Weeknight Saviors

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These rice bowl recipes all reflect three qualities we love to see in a weeknight dinner. They’re relatively unfussy (read: they won’t take all night to make); you can prep most of the components ahead of time, which means you’ll have more hours to spend, oh, sipping wine by the fireplace; and they’re all a suuuupper satisfying combo of carby-crunchy-chewy elements. We’re talking about this saucy picadillo-inspired taco tofu bowl you’ll hardly notice is vegetarian. A chicken and crispy cucumber riff covered in a spicy, green kick-in-your-pants sauce. Pork meatballs topped with a zippy mojo sauce and crunchy plantain chips. Or Khai Jiao, an ultralight and fluffy Thai omelet that’s served on a pile of (drumroll) rice. Here are 27 rice bowl recipes to inspire all of your dinner time—or anytime—needs.

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