Whole 30

April 6, 2021

Navel Orange Salad with Avocado

This California Navel Orange Salad with Avocados and a Citrus Vinaigrette is a simple yet delicious salad bursting with orange flavor. Navel Orange Salad with Avocado […]
March 22, 2021

Spanakopita Baked Eggs

These Baked Eggs are inspired by the Greek spinach pie Spanakopita using the same flavorful spinach filling, only baked with eggs. Spanakopita Baked Eggs This Spanakopita […]
March 16, 2021

Hearts of Palm Noodle Peanut Stir Fry

This easy, vegetarian Hearts of Palm Noodle Peanut Stir Fry for one is made with a spicy peanut sauce, spinach, and egg – under 15 minutes […]
February 9, 2021

Harissa Chicken Meatballs

4.13 from 8 votes 2011shares These juicy, Harissa Chicken Meatballs are a fun twist on traditional meatballs. They’re also low- carb, grain-free, and gluten-free made with […]
December 24, 2020

The Best Baba Ganoush

4.67 from 9 votes 3232shares This is the The Best Baba Ganoush recipe, a smoky Middle Eastern eggplant dip made with charred eggplant, tahini, lemon juice, […]
December 22, 2020

Roasting Spiralized Butternut Squash Noodles

5 from 3 or more votes 4094 gives Roasted Spiralized Butternut Squash Noodles are a healthful pasta alternative that only requires about 10 minutes to roast […]
December 21, 2020

Spiralized Carrot Salad with Lemon plus Dijon

My husband and I aren’t fans of raw carrots, yet add lemon juice and Dijon and it’ s a game player – we LOVE them!! An […]
December 19, 2020

Sluggish Cooker Butternut Pear Soup

4. 85 from thirteen votes 2620 gives This Gradual Cooker Butternut Pear Soup using a hint of ginger is vegan and dairy-free and so simple to […]
December 19, 2020

Roasting Radishes with Onions

4. 41 from five votes 2222 gives If you don’t like raw radishes, this 5-ingredient formula for Roasted Radishes and Onions recipe will definitely change your […]