December 12, 2020

Bold & Bright Home Décor Picks From Our Resident Design Wiz

Follow the Pattern is a brand new column from furniture maker and upholstery expert (and Food52's Resident Design Wiz), Nicole Crowder. Nicole is here to show us how to breathe new life into old furniture, reuse and repurpose materials, take chances with color and pattern—and develop a signature aesthetic. A keyword when considering my apartment this past year has definitely been "comfort": how to enhance it, how to create more of it in different corners, and how to be really intentional with purchases that contribute toward that. I wanted to hit that sweet spot of design where things were functional (meaning I would engage with them daily), beautiful, and multi-purpose, but also purchases that were mindful of more delicate budgets this year. Read More > >
December 12, 2020

Our Resident Baking BFF's Go-To Tools for Better Pies, Cakes, Cookies—You Name It

In Bake it Up a Notch, or Resident Baking BFF, Erin McDowell—and her trusty sidekick, Brimley, our Resident Pie Pup—shows us everything we'll ever need to know to make our baking faster, easier, and better than ever. From equipment recommendations to in-depth technique tutorials to fixes for every mishap imaginable, Erin's here to save the day (and save our cakes). If you know someone who loves to bake, they are likely spending more time in the kitchen than ever before. This list is made up of tools I turn to time and time again, that have withstood the test of time and beyond frequent use in my home kitchen—plus a few sources of inspiration for year-round baking. Any baker would be thrilled to unwrap one of these goodies! Wishing everyone happy holidays and happy baking! Read More > >