Pretzel and Potato Chip Moon Pies

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“Little Debbie’s chocolate marshmallow pies were my favorite packaged treat as a kid,” says Sohla El-Waylly. “I’d carefully separate the layers with a butter knife, toast the marshmallow on a fork over the gas burner, then sandwich it all back together. Even as a kid I knew that desserts are better with a bit of extra-toasty flavor. That’s why I’m obsessed with these all-grown-up moon pies. The shortbread cookies are loaded with blitzed-up pretzels (for that extra toastiness) and salty potato chips—the perfect contrast to the sticky-sweet marshmallows and half-dip of bitter dark chocolate.” The dough will look dry at first, but it will come together with a bit of kneading. Don’t worry about overworking it—with all that butter and the fat from the potato chips, there isn’t much opportunity for gluten to develop.

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