Glazed Chicken Meal Prep

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Okay guys, I’ m placing it all together today with this Glazed Chicken Meal Prep! I sought out of town for a couple of days with regard to Labor Day weekend, and even after a few days of eating out I couldn’ capital t wait to get home and have simple good food. I produced three super easy recipes this week, Sweet and Hot and spicy Glazed Chicken Thighs , Rosemary Roasted Taters , and steamed green coffee beans, all of which reheat beautifully. And that’ s my favorite kind of meal preparation. Simple, good, no-fuss.

For more information regarding meal prepping, how it works, plus why I do it, check out Meal Prep info: A Beginner’ s Guide to Preparing and Portioning Meals , or even check out my entire Budget-Friendly Meal Prep Store .

This Meal Prep Contains:

Sweet and Spicy Glazed Poultry Thighs : $4. 83

Rosemary Roasted Potatoes : $3. 58

Steamed Green Beans: $1. 69 (instructions below)

Total Cost: 10 dollars. 10

4 Servings: $2. 53 every

Left over spots: NONE! Woohoo!

The glass meal prep storage containers shown in the photos can be found here , and everything my other meal prep storage containers can be found right here .: ) ( As an Amazon Connect I earn from qualifying buys. )

Meal Prep Grocery store List

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One glass Glazed Chicken Dinner Prep container

How to Vapor Green Beans:

I actually do not have a recipe post for your green beans because I just steamed them without adding anything, which usually isn’ t really a “ formula. ” To steam the coffee beans, place about one inch associated with water in the bottom of a spices pot, place a sizzling basket inside, adding your green beans. Place a cover on top, turn the heat on to higher, and let the water boil to vapor the green beans. The coffee beans are finished when they are shiny green and slightly tender. Take them off from the heat, pack them within your containers, and refrigerate. If you do not possess a steamer basket, you can still vapor your green beans. Follow the directions listed in my recipe for Lemon Butter Eco-friendly Beans .

Personalize This Meal Prep:

You can use chicken breasts instead of upper thighs for a leaner lunch box, make absolutely certain to pound out your chicken bosoms to an even 1/2-inch thickness prior to cooking to ensure that they cook rapidly and evenly.

Not really a fan of glazed chicken thighs? Take a look at my list of other ways to prepare chicken thighs . I think Natural herb Butter Chicken Thighs or twenty Minute Honey Mustard Chicken Upper thighs would also work attractively with these sides.

Exchange out the green beans for almost any green vegetable, like broccoli florets, sauté ed zucchini, or maybe even a few sauté ed kale.

Just about any herb or spice mix can be used on the roasted potatoes. Or even, you can even swap out the roasting potatoes for a mashed potato.

How Long Does This Food Prep Last?

There are a great number of variables that can impact how long foods lasts in the refrigerator, but I actually generally keep a meal prep container like this for four days. Everything longer than that and I discover that the quality really goes downhill and am will not want to eat it. This specific box probably would not freeze very well, therefore i would stick to refrigeration.

Four cup Glazed Chicken Meal Prep organized in a rectangle

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