Chillier weather calls for hearty and healthful soups and stews, just like this particular satisfying 15 Bean Soup.

Easy to make, this particular soup is full of goodness having a beautiful blend of beans, ham, and also a handful of flavorful veggies simmered within broth. Nothing takes the relax off better than a homemade veggie soup recipe simmering on the stove!

bowls of 15 Bean Soup

I am excited to acquire Hurst’s HamBeens® to bring you this particular cozy soup recipe!

A Cozy Soup Formula

I’ m enthusiastic about bean soup.

It’ s easy to make, flavorful, as well as the perfect way to fill hungry stomachs on a budget!

The only thing much better than bean soup is adding fifteen different kinds of coffee beans plus a seasoning packet that infuses deliciousness into every bite.

Hurst’s HamBeens fifteen Bean Soup Mix has a variety of beans and lentils like pintos, limas, garbanzos, divided peas, kidneys, and black coffee beans, and more. Beans are low in body fat and high in fiber and an identified superfood that makes for easy and affordable meals.

This makes a huge pot of soup and left over spots heat well for the rest of the 7 days and freeze beautifully!

ingredients to create 15 Bean Soup

Steps to make 15 Bean Soup (from Scuff! )

Hurst’s HamBeens soup mix makes it easy to create a tasty and satisfying meal in one container! Use up a smoked ham hock or make it with sausage, remaining ground beef, or turkey! This particular recipe is made on the stovetop you could also make Bean Soup within the Slow Cooker (or even the Instant Pot )!


  • Hurst’s HamBeens® 15 BEAN SOUP® is the foundation of this recipe. You can find these coffee beans in the dry bean section of nearly every grocery store (or you can order them online ). Along with the beans, a seasoning box is included in each package pertaining to simply perfect seasoning.
  • Rinse, sort, soak, and empty beans.
  • Simmer the particular mixture until beans are sensitive and then pull the meat through the ham hock to add to the soups.
  • Swap out the particular 15 Bean Soup Mix regarding Cajun Bean Soups to change the taste.
  • Add your own seasonings to your liking!


  • If using a smoked ham hock, I like to boil it before incorporating the beans, this flavors the particular broth and ensures the meats is extra tender.
  • All or some of the broth can be replaced for water. If using a smoked cigarettes ham hock, I use either drinking water or low sodium broth to continue to keep it from being too salty.
  • If using leftover holiday ham , the ham bone (or smoked sausage) it can be added along with the beans.

adding ingredients to pot to make fifteen Bean Soup

How to Thicken Bean Soup

It’ s so simple to thicken fifteen Bean Soup!

  1. Remove a cup of prepared beans and some of the broth plus puree it in a blender.
  2. Add the blended coffee beans back into the pot for thicker share.

Alternatively, make use of a potato masher to smash some of the beans.

Recipe Guidelines

  • Soaking coffee beans before cooking decreases cooking period and can remove some of the complex sugar, making them more digestible. Be sure to dispose of the soaking liquid and make use of fresh water for cooking.
  • Soaking is optional. If coffee beans are not soaked, add 1 cup additional liquid and cook 45-60 a few minutes longer (or until beans are usually tender).
  • This soups is thick and hearty, for the thinner soup, add more broth.
  • IMPORTANT: Add the tomatoes plus lemon juice only when the coffee beans are tender. Adding acidic elements to the beans before they are sensitive will keep them from softening such as they should.
  • Serve using a slice of cornbread on the side.

top view of 15 Bean Soups with a laddle


Great thing about 15 bean soups is that it’ s great for make-ahead meals and can be kept within the refrigerator. Simply scoop out portions and reheat in the microwave or even on the stovetop. 15 bean soups will stay fresh in the refrigerator for approximately 5 days.

Freeze out soup by ladling it directly into freezer bags with the date created on the outside. Lay the bags ripped in the freezer and when they are iced, store them upright to save refrigerator space.

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15 Bean Soup

This fifteen Bean Soup is budget-friendly and simple to make. It' s the perfect soups for a cold winter' s time!
Course Supper, Lunch, Soup
Cuisine American

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 2 hours
Soak Time eight hours
Total Period 10 hrs 10 minutes

Portions 10
Calories 268
Author Holly Nilsson


  • one package HamBeens® 15 VEGGIE SOUP® with seasoning box
  • four cups water
  • 4 cups low sodium poultry broth
  • one smoked ham hock or even leftover ham or smoked chicken
  • 1 red onion diced
  • 2 cloves garlic minced
  • 15 oz . diced tomatoes with fruit juice
  • one teaspoon soup powder
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juiced


  • Rinse beans and drain. Kind any unwanted debris and set spices packet aside.
  • Location beans in a large pot associated with cool water. Cover and allow in order to soak at least 8 hours or even overnight. After soaking, drain drinking water.
  • Add drinking water and broth to a large container
  • If making use of smoked ham hock , add with the water plus broth to a large pot. Provide a boil, reduce heat to some simmer, and cover. Cook one hour. (Note: if using ham bone fragments, leftover ham or smoked chicken, it can be added along the beans within the step below and does not need to pre-cook. )
  • Include, onion, garlic, and drained coffee beans and reduce heat to a simmer, plus cover. Cook 1 ½ in order to 2 hours or until beans are usually tender.
  • Stir in tomatoes, chili natural powder, and lemon juice. Simmer discovered for an additional 30 minutes or till thickened.
  • Stir in the seasoning packet in the beans and season with sodium & pepper to taste. Simmer 1 minute more.


Soaking coffee beans before cooking decreases cooking period and can remove some of the complex sugar, making them more digestible. Be sure to eliminate the soaking liquid and make use of fresh water for cooking.

Soaking is not really required. If beans are not drenched, add 1 cup extra liquid plus cook 1 hour longer (or till beans are tender).

ESSENTIAL : Add acidic ingredients (tomatoes/lemon juice) only after the beans have got softened. They can interfere with rehydration.

With this recipe, I find ham hock is best cooked for 1 hour prior to adding the beans. It provides extra flavor to the broth plus ensures the meat is soft. If using a ham bone, smoked cigarettes sausage, or leftover ham include it along with the broth.


Calories: 268 | Carbohydrates: 40 gary the gadget guy | Protein: 18 gary the gadget guy | Fat: 4 gary the gadget guy | Saturated Fat: one g | Cholesterol: fourteen mg | Sodium: 137 mg | Potassium: 1019 mg | Fiber: ten g | Sugar: a few g | Vitamin A: 109 IU | Vitamin Chemical: 9 mg | Calcium supplement: 90 mg | Metal: 4 mg

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