Dark Fruitcake

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Over the last several years, people recommended that I write a book of fresh fruit desserts. I point out, helpfully, that will I curently have , but every year a few textbooks of fruit desserts come out, mainly relating to pies or crisps plus cobblers. So it was interesting to find out one devoted solely to bread, called (appropriately) Fruit Cake: Recipes for the Inquisitive Baker .

Yet no need to worry that it’ t a book of Christmas cakes along with sticky green cherries in them. It’ s by Jason Schreiber , a foods stylist and recipe developer, who seem to dreamed up with seventy-five cakes that will feature fruit, everything from Key Lime green Meringue Cake to a tropical fresh fruit Panettone. There are also Pineapple Breakfast Bread, his riff on the classic Sachertorte with chocolate and apricots, as well as a Jamaican Black Cake, that captured my eye for a number of reasons.

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