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Shabu Shabu

Learn how to make restaurant-style and the best Japanese shabu shabu hot pot at home. This shabu reci

Agedashi Tofu

Agedashi Tofu is a popular Japanese dish made of deep fried tofu in a sweet and savory sauce. Th


Branzino is the Italian name for European Sea Bass. This is the best Branzino recipe uses fresh Branz

Teriyaki Sauce

Homemade teriyaki sauce made of three ingredients and great on chicken, beef and salmon. This teriyak

Flank Steak

Grilling flank steak with marinade of ponzu, miso and butter. This flank steak recipe is easy and yie

Chicken Teriyaki

Teriyaki chicken is a Japanese dish with savory and sweet teriyaki sauce. This is the best chick


A complete guide to Edamame, with nutrition facts, health benefits, carbs and calories information, i


Nigiri or nigiri sushi is a popular Japanese sushi. Shrimp nigiri is one of the easiest nigiri recipe


Gyoza are Japanese dumplings filled with moist and juicy ground pork and vegetables, steamed and pan-

Sushi Rice

Sushi rice is the building block of Japanese sushi. Easy and the best sushi rice recipe with steamed