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Garlic Butter Roasted Salmon

Salmon brushed with warm butter and topped garlic & lemon and roasted just until tender and flake

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Creamy Tuscan Chicken Pasta packed with spinach, sundried tomatoes, garlic, and lots of cheese. Make

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Who says you need to have meat when preparing a delicious lasagna? Enjoy this meatless vegetarian las

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Learn how to easily and quickly make light and fluffy mashed potatoes right in your Instant Pot in un

Blackened Salmon with Lemon-Garlic Butter

Crispy Golden on the outside and incredibly tender on the inside, salmon cooked in a buttery Lemon Ga

Creamy Spinach Mushroom Pasta Bake

Pasta with spinach & mushroom sautéed in butter and garlic then baked in parmesan cream sauce. T

Indian Butter Shrimp

Tender and juicy Indian butter shrimp cooked in a creamy buttery masala sauce that is to die for. Ser

Instant Pot Chicken Tacos

Forget the beef and try these Instant Pot Chicken Tacos. Not only are they easy to make within minute

Pesto Chicken and Broccoli Pasta

Creamy chicken broccoli pasta with the addition of pesto and parmesan takes this humble dish to a who

Creamy Garlic Parmesan Salmon

Enjoy a fresh, light, and flavorful meal with this Creamy Lemon Garlic Parmesan Salmon recipe. It is