January 3, 2021

Pizza Roll Ups

Hey you! Are you looking for a last minute NYE appetizer? Maybe you’re just looking for one last pizza splurge before you begin working on your […]
January 1, 2021

Pesto Pizza Rolls

I was taking stock of my fridge the other day and noticed a half jar of pesto that I bought a couple weeks ago at Aldi. […]
December 27, 2020

White Pizza with Parsley Pesto Drizzle

Summer calls for a lighter, fresher, more vibrant pizza. Earlier this week I splurged on some fresh mozzarella for my Kale Pesto Pasta and I wanted […]
December 26, 2020

Homemade Cheesy Garlic Bread

When I took stock of my refrigerator the other day I noticed I had quite a bit of miscellaneous cheese hanging out waiting to be eaten […]
December 25, 2020

Freezer Ready Mini Pizzas

It’s a dark dreary day here in New Orleans, so I won’t be doing any cooking today. Instead, I’m going to share this fun little freezer […]
December 24, 2020

Garlicky Kale and Ricotta Pizza

It’s FRIDAY! And Fridays call for pizza. I haven’t had pizza in forever and I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to chew […]
December 23, 2020

France Bread Pizza

Fast French bread pizzas really are a classic Budget Byte because they are very fast, ridiculously easy, customizable, and affordable! But one of my favorite reasons […]
December 22, 2020

“Quick Fix” Broccoli Pesto Pizza

Welcome to another episode of Unique Things Beth Makes with Left over spots in Her Fridge! This week it’ s a super Quick Fix Broccoli Pesto […]
December 21, 2020

No-Yeast Pizza Dough

Desperate times call for desperate steps. There’ s nothing quite like the perfectly light, chewy, and crispy traditional pizza crust made with candida, but right now […]