American Masters: Chefs Flight – Documentary videos

American Masters: Chefs Flight – Documentary videos

Paul April 24, 2019

Get to know some of America’s most iconic chefs through AMERICAN MASTERS’ “Chefs Flight” – three documentaries on iconic chefs James Beard, Jacques Pépin, and Alice Waters.


Selections Include:



1. James Beard: America’s First Foodie –  Experience a century of food through the life of James Beard, who spoke of the importance of localism and sustainability long before those terms were a part of our modern vernacular.



2.  Jacques Pépin:  The Art of Craft – Discover the story of Jacques Pépin, a young immigrant whose American journey took him through the kitchens of Howard Johnson’s, bringing his commitment to great taste and craftsmanship to American food.



3.  Alice Waters and her Delicious Revolution – Follow Alice Waters through a year of shopping and cooking, and discover the vision of an artist and advocate.


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